Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cheesy Plug but I LOVE Mine!

Purple Wrap Style Rosary Bracelet

I got my Rosary Bracelet and absolutely LOVE it! I can wear it, say it and have it with me at all times! makes a wonderful Christmas gift!

I highly recommend this!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent...thinking and new posting begins!

So, now that we are in the season of Advent, I am back to blogging. So many wonderful things, spiritually, have been happening in my life lately, and it is ALL soooooo good. I have recently attended an independent Baptist church that my father attends and spent some time at my mother's Methodist church because my daughter loves doing things with their youth program...all of this has brought me closer than ever to Catholicism.  I sat and listened to the Baptist church preacher teach his congregation that the "sprinkling or pouring-type baptism" is a pagan ritual and of Satan himself...and it made me stop and think THESE are the kinds of things being taught to others outside of Catholicism. It's a scary world out there...and thankful for my roots. I grew up in a Christian Missionary Alliance Church, occasionally attending Catholic Mass for my father (he has since left the Catholic faith) I didn't understand anything about Catholicism, at the time, but I always felt something special among the ritual and history and beauty of the Church. I was baptized Catholic as an infant...but that was as far as I went on my walk. But, the seed was planted.

There have been some influential people in my life along the way. As a very young and immature girl (at age 19) I met someone and got married (waaaaaaaaay too young) But, I did walk away from that experience with one very important thing...another seed planted. I still remember the Shrine that sat in the dining room where the family said their prayers and it always mesmerized me and I so wanted to understand the meaning of it all.

I remember going to Nona's home and her praying over us at her beautiful Shrine and walking away KNOWING God's hand was on us...I could just FEEL the presence of God...I remember visiting the Schoenstatt Shrine of Light in NY and feeling warmth, love and peace...knowing little about it, but, again, feeling God all around me.

My then father-in-law would pray for me and bless me every time we saw each other...and to this day I KNOW he is one of my Guardian Angels, sitting with the Lord with that wonderful smile of his. If only I could have internalized that feeling of God and used it in my life, at the time, somehow...little did I know that the planted seed would have grown to what it is today.

My life, up until now, has been faaaaaaaaar from perfect. But, I know I am forgiven and I learn and move on with the peace of God upon me. The blessings and prayers I received from so many long ago did not go by the wayside. I am who I am today BECAUSE of them, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

Advent is a wonderful time to do our own seed planting. The plant may not grow for years and you may not ever see the growth...but when we all meet in Heaven, we will know which plants grew and we can hold hands in God's kingdom and thank those who planted our own seeds.