Monday, October 15, 2012

1st Post-Op Doctor's Appointment

Had my staples removed and it was honestly so much easier than I expected. Didn't hurt at all! She placed butterfly stitches in place of them and will see me again in 2 weeks from today. She also opted not to start me on HRT just yet. Since I am not having any menopause symptoms, she wants to give my body time to get through one trauma before starting something new. I was very happy that she wasn't jumping too quickly to add HRT...she said we will sit and discuss all of my options in 2 weeks. My pathology report is what floored me. I had endo on my uterus, fallopian tubes and my cervix. She also found numerous cysts on my ovaries. She looked at me and said "honey, no wonder you were in so much pain for so long. We absolutely did the right surgery for you". That made me feel better. So, that's my update. I go back Oct 29th for another post-op appt...woo hoo!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hysterectomy - Post Op

Well, the dreaded day came and went. The first few days were crazy thanks to my low blood pressure, but I made it through and was able to come home on Thursday. I had a full abdominal hysterectomy with removal of my uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and cervix. The surgeon told me afterwards that the pathology report came back showing endometriosis on my tubes and ovaries and that my uterus was "mush" (her words). I should feel great in a few weeks. So far, I am not having any menopause symptoms. (which has surprised me) Monday I go to have my staples removed and start hormone therapy. I am in a lot of pain, but I am up and around and not feeling as bad as I expected to feel. The nausea has been the worst part...Zofran is my best friend.  :)

Thank you for all the Prayers...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Where does the time go? I had every intention of keeping this blog up to date, but happens.

After suffering terribly from endometriosis, I am having a full abdominal hysterectomy on October 9th. The doc has decided she is taking everything...uterus, ovaries and ALL to try and control the endo. I feel VERY blessed that God gave me 8 healthy children before the endo kicked in...I know some women suffer terrible, not only with the pain, but with infertility as a result of it. So, I refuse to complain. At 42, I certainly don't need my girl parts anymore. Although, I am not looking forward to going through instant menopause. YUCK.

Elliott Surf Fishing at Assateague

Things are going well, otherwise...We have spent a ton of time on the beach this summer. We are sad to see summer end.

Elliott has officially completed the 1st Grade through Seton. (LOVE this home school program) He received all A's and one B (the B is in handwriting) I can live with that! LOL.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Art 1   A   A   A   A   A  
English 1   A+   A   A-   B+   A  
Handwriting 1   B   B   C   B   B-  
History 1   A-   A-   A   B   A-  
Math 1   A+   A+   A+   B-   A  
Music 1   A   A   A   A   A  
Physical Education 1   A   A   A   A   A  
Reading/Phonics 1   A+   A+   A+   A+   A+  
Religion 1   A-   A-   A   B+   A-  
Science/Health 1   A   A   A   A   A  
Spelling 1   A   A+   A+   A+   A+  

His 2nd grade curriculum arrived yesterday and I am just as in love with his 2nd grade material as I was with 1st. The big difference in the 2nd grade curriculum is they have added Reading Comprehension (which I was supplementing anyway) and 4 book reports. So, he is going to be a busy little guy. I am working this week on writing lesson plans so that after my surgery, we can begin his "new year". Next week I will be out of commission, but I am hoping that by week 2 post-op, I can sit in bed and do some work with him. But, I am leaving it flexible in case I am not able to "think" yet...

Gideon caught a fish

The other kids are doing well. Ryan is playing JV soccer for his high school, Bo is a freshman and loving it and Emma is at the middle school after home schooling last year. She went back to public school, at her request, and she seems to be doing much better. She joined JrROTC and LOVES it!!


Alex is at Salisbury University and really enjoying the college life. We miss him, though!

Ryan fishing as Bo and Eric watch

Gideon is driving me nuts, but has learned how to ride a bike and has started Kindergarten (at home) Not sure if we will continue home schooling him next year...a lot depends on how well he gets through Kindergarten. If he does well, I MAY keep him home and continue on with 1st grade. (otherwise, he will have to repeat K in the public school because of his age)

Kevin is back to doing school work on-line and taking a computer programming class, with Eric's help. Here is some of Kevin's artwork...he draws all this stuff on-line

Well, that is my update. All is well in the Belardo abode. :)