Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Good Times

Just a side note to my "My Story" page...I know I left a lot of details out of my first 18 years, but it is so hard to remember everything as I write. (the whole time-line thing is tough and I remember things AFTER I have written) I may go back and add more details as I remember things, but I am trying to explain my life with AS more than anything else. Please know, there were a lot of GOOD things that happened during my childhood, too.

Memories with my Grandparents, spending summers in OC, MD at their beach house ~ helping on the boat ~ Operas ~ good food cooked by my Grandmother ~ times spent hiding in a corner listening to my Uncle play the piano ~ sneaking on my Uncles piano and getting in trouble ~ my cousins in Buffalo and times spent with them ~ my cousins in Williamstown, NJ and how much fun it was at my Aunt Theresa's house ~ my cousin, Katrina, who was like a sister (when we saw each other) ~ spending weekends with my brother and sister who, to this day, I love with all my heart ~ yearly Christmas Caroling with Sue, Kim, Kelly and others ~ mischief nights...running from the man who owned the Corvette after egging his car! ~ Halloweens in Berlin, NJ and the lady who, every year, invited us into her home and gave us Caramel Apples ~ Flyers games and going to the Coliseum to watch the Flyers practices with my brother ~ singing in the band "The Defiant Ones" with Dave, Chris and the gang...and getting to wear Yvette's cool spandex pants! (thanks Girl...I wouldn't have looked the part without you) ~ winning Battle of the Bands after singing my heart out pretending to be Pat Benatar and actually hitting the high notes ~ singing the National Anthem at a Redskins/Eagles game at the Vet (remember the Vet?) and watching the game from the Eagles side line on the field (THAT was cool) ~ Going to concerts at the Spectrum in Philly...AC/DC, INXS, Van Halen, David Lee Roth (solo), DIO (with my brother and his friends), Genesis, Yes, and so many more ~ Being completely silly with Cheryl & Gary who kept things fun and interesting in the HS Band Room...and so many more memories I can't possibly write them all...

Joanne, Ray, Unkie and me in OC, MD

My favorite photo...Ray, Joanne and me

My Grandfather (aka Vovo) dancing with me

Christmas Caroling with friends!

Working on my Grandparents boat in OC, MD

Halloween in HS

All unforgettable times in the midst of some bad ones. Life wasn't all bad! Those of you who made it know who you are!

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