Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy, Busy Life!

How much crazier can the month of May get? Concerts, Prom, Banquets, Soccer Practices, Ice Hockey Practices, Surgery and Graduation...seriously? Not to mention, we move in 6 weeks!
Alex and his prom date
Tomorrow I am having my gallbladder removed. Although I am sick of being sick, I'm a nervous wreck! It's coming at such a bad time (do these things ever happen at a GOOD time?). I will have one week to recuperate before the graduation madness begins. I had planned to accomplish so much this week, but due to my nervousness (and as Eric puts it...hyperfocus) on the surgery, I have accomplished NOTHING!

I have managed to be somewhat creative this week, doing some decoupage to ease my mind.
Glass Jar turned Flower Pot
Grandmother's porcelain...attempting some decoupage on it
 Even Gideon has gotten in on the creativity. He has been painting up a storm.
Gideon painting a masterpiece
So, this is my week. Staying busy...I will be gone a few days due to recuperating time, but I will post updates as soon as I am able to. have a blessed week, everyone!!! I will be back soon!!

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