Friday, April 20, 2012

A Change of Pace...NHL Playoffs

So, most of you who know me KNOW how much my family and I LOVE ice hockey! We are ALL die-hard Philadelphia Flyer's fans! As a kid, I learned hockey from my dad and my brother. We never missed a game and my brother would take me to their practices at the (then) Coliseum in Voorhees,, needless to say I grew up LOVING hockey. Now, as an adult, it is still the ONLY sport I can seriously get into. And, of course, my boys have followed suit. Nothing like bonding with a bunch of teenage boys around a good hockey game. And, of course, our littlest hockey player...Gideon. he LOVES hockey and LOVES to play.
Future Flyer's Goalie!
The older boys shoot on him and he SAVES them. He is not afraid of the puck! At 4, he is sooooo talented. The problem with living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is that there are NO ice rinks for the boys to play hockey on. The closest one is almost 2 hours away, but it might be worth it to get this little guy skating and playing!

Anyway, it's playoff season and we are LOVING it! The TV is constantly on hockey at night and the family couldn't enjoy it more! I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled programming of Aspergers and Catholicism...but right now, it's the


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