Monday, April 30, 2012

Long Overdue Court Update!

Well, court went well. We dropped the charges on the young man who broke into our home. His alcohol level was a 2.0 and admitted he had no idea where he was. He had wanted to come and apologize, but his attorney wouldn't allow him to come speak to us. We made it a point to go up to him before the hearing and ask him if he was ok. The look on his face was of GREAT surprise! I guess he was thinking "why on earth would these people be NICE to me after what I did?"

I prayed about it and just felt in my heart he didn't mean to harm us in any way. He did a stupid thing! That's it! He apologized and thanked us up and down for being so nice to him. When the Prosecutor pulled me aside, he asked me directly what I wanted to see come out of this...he said "the ball is in your court". I told the Prosecutor I didn't want this boy to have a criminal record.  The only thing he had ever been in trouble for prior to this was being caught with marijuana. I couldn't see ruining his future over something so trivial. I said "drop the charges". It was done.

He was charged with intoxication and disorderly conduct, but burglary was dropped. The judge looked at him and said "You are lucky this family didn't own a gun. They would have had every right to shoot once you crossed through their door" The judge was wonderful and told him "I hope you learned your don't hold your alcohol well. Moral of the story...DO NOT GET SO DRUNK YOU PASS OUT!"

I told him a little about my past and asked him to PLEASE think about his future and stay away from drugs, alcohol and stupidity! He promised us he would! I'm sure he will party again...he leaves for college in November. :)

 I think the biggest thing I want him to remember is how there are people in the world who will give you another chance. Not everyone is out for revenge. We could have had the prosecutor throw the book at him, but that wouldn't have helped him in any way. I hope, the next time he picks up a beer, he remembers the kind family who helped him, and he can think about that before he acts. I told him, it's ok to drink...but you don't have to drink yourself sick. Be smart about it! Have fun without hurting others.

It feels good to know we showed this young man love, compassion and grace in court that day. feels much better than sending him off to jail. I keep praying for him and I know God is watching over him!

And they say God has no place in a court room...HA!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad everything turned out.

    Our adventure happened when I was a kid. The 21 year old next door broke into my parents home and stole some liquor (it was a dry county). He wasn't drunk when he did it, just wanted some booze.

  2. Hope the booze was worth it! LOL. I can't imagine being that desperate, especially since he was obviously old enough to go out of county and buy some. I think something happens to the brain in the early 20's that makes people do stupid things! Maybe the transition from kid to adult just doesn't go well with some! LOL.