Friday, April 27, 2012

Court Hearing Today!

Well, today is the day we go to court to testify against the kid who broke into our home back in February. I say kid because he is only 19. We already know that drugs were involved and knowing what I went through at 19, I wish there was a way to help him. There was a warrant for his arrest prior to his breaking in here, so we still don't know what else he got in trouble for. But, drugs make you do stupid things. My hope is that whatever he is convicted for (besides our break-in) he will learn his lesson and clean himself up! He has his whole life ahead of him and it doesn't need to be spent in jail. Breaks my heart! I am praying for him and his family as we go through this process today and praying for a Judge who wants to help him.

On another happier note, the 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs begin today! And we now know the Flyers will play the Devils starting Sunday at 3! We SHOULD have this...but it's the Playoffs and you never know what will happen! So, all I can say is GOOOO FLYERS!!!!

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  1. We had to do the same when our next door neighbor broke into our house and stole some liquor. So sad.