Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

So, today is the start of Lent. What are you doing to reflect for the next 40 days? My husband and I are quitting smoking. Guess it's not what anyone would consider a "sacrifice" but it definitely gives me the incentive to keep it going, KNOWING that I am giving it up for another reason than just my health. UGH...let the craziness begin!

I have also decided to head cover through Lent, as well, as a reminder to keep focused on God and keep Him first and foremost in my life. Let's see how many people ask me "Are you Islamic?" or "Are you Amish?" But, hey...think of the possible testimony that could come out of all this. "No, I am Catholic and I cover my head to show submission to God"...won't that just floor some people.

So, on another note, things have been busy. Soccer for the 15 year old (Ryan), NJHS for the 13 year old (Bo), theater and college applications for the 17 year old (Alex) and home school for the rest of the bunch! (Kevin, Emmalee, Elliott and Gideon) Kevin should graduate high school by the summer, Emmalee should be ready for 8th grade by December, Elliott will start 2nd grade and Gideon will start Kindergarten by September. ALL kids way ahead of their same age peers. (the beauty of home school) I love watching them all work at their own pace and run ahead of everyone else. I have awesome kids!

So, off to reflect for the day. Repent, pray and remember why we go through Lent. You certainly don't have to be Catholic to do these things. Today starts a new day...a new life! Walk with Jesus for the next 40 days...and then make it a habit to continue walking with Him the whole year through! myspace graphic comments

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  1. LOL love the cartoon! I too have a son dx with Asperger Syndrome so I get that carton oh, too well.

    I don't post much on my Asperger blog any more, but it might come in handy for you.