Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can't Predict the Day

 So, we start out the day normal, but with Asperger's in the house, some days are easier than others.

Today's word of the day is MELTDOWN!

Elliott had a decent morning and we got through all of our classes. Gideon was just fine today, too. Emmalee, my 11 year old was another story. 

Papa home today, working and having meetings via Blackberry, so to keep things quiet, we head to Emma's room. On the floor, we color, glue, use glitter and sequins to create our "Prayer to Our Guardian Angel" Prayer cards. We really enjoyed this project until Emma realized what a mess we made!


The rest of the afternoon was spent having, as one fellow home school Mom said, Home Economics Class. Cleaning, organizing...we even hung curtains. Now, Emma has a beautiful room.

The meltdown has now shifted to Elliott. He asked for a Pop Tart (yeah, I'm Super Healthy Mom) and as he grabbed it, a piece broke off. His world came crashing down. "I need a NEW Pop Tart!!!! This one's broken!!!!!" Then the TV was turned on and he missed the first half of the show. He yelled "I hate when I miss the first half of my show!!!!"


Can Mom now have a meltdown? I guess the beauty of home school is that when things don't go exactly as planned, and someone is having a "bad brain day", it's ok. We will just pick up tomorrow.

Anyway, here are some pictures from today...Pre-meltowns...

Here are our Guardian Angel Prayer Cards. Once they are dry, the prayer goes on the back and we will laminate them. The kids want to hang them over their beds.
Guardian Angel Prayer Cards




Elliott's and Mine

The kids

Elliott hard at work...chocolate milk and all!

Deep thought?

"Ooooh, enough of this"

And, here is where I run to AFTER the meltdown has ended...

Thank you, God, for getting me through another day! Amen!

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