Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day in The Life...

Well, yesterday was upsetting and exciting, all in one...

First, I was off to the dentist, and what is only a 3 minute drive, turned into a disaster. My car was t-boned. I must say...thank God for Volvo's. My awesome "soccer-mom-mobile" only suffered minor damage to my rear driver's side door. Now, the other car is a different story. Her entire driver's side front was demolished. Stuff leaking everywhere...terrible. My first thought was she had to be hurt. She hit me HARD! I jumped out of my car and ran over there, with First Aid certification card, in hand, just in case...but, thankfully, she was unharmed. But, oh the guilt! She was so sweet, though and after the police came and we exchanged information, we hugged, I cried and we both went on our way. (her car had to be towed, mine drove away just fine) Insurance covers it all (thank God for that, too) so all is well, but boy, did it shake me up. Again, I repeat...BUY A VOLVO! I am amazed at how well my car handled the crash! It's an '89, but I am so grateful for my big box! I will forever own a Volvo!

Great start to the day...

BUT, what started out bad, ended awesome! Remember the house in my last blog? Well, we put a contract on it yesterday. The owner is meeting with his realtor on Monday (he already has the contract) and we are pretty sure he is going to sign! PRAYING we finally got our farm!

The right side of the house

The Stable

The backyard

Miss Meredith comes home today. The kids are fighting over a new name for her because they aren't thrilled with Meredith (and quite frankly, neither am I) Dad wants to name her Polock (being she is coming into a Polish family...he somehow thinks this is funny and the kids are arguing with him) Bo and Kevin have some video game name...I don't even know how to SPELL the's something like Deva-kitty. (named after Devakin sp?) Emma wants to name her Nala (after the female lion in The Lion King) I have a funny feeling she will have numerous names for a while. Poor thing. She has NO idea what her immediate future is going to be like, as she sits comfortably at the Humane Society.

And, last but not least, my son, Bo, turns 14 today! He asked me to pick him up at 12:30 from school today to start the celebration. I think I will! :)

Happy Birthday Bo!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you were both okay! So exciting about the house and the pet! Can't wait to hear what you end up naming her!