Monday, March 12, 2012

Give it to God

When we humble ourselves, we open the door to God and to healing, for the Lord "is stern with the arrogant but to the humble He shows kindness"

So hard to do...

The deeper I read, the more I am being opened up to the fact that I am far from humble and extremely prideful. NOT what God wants me to be. I found myself preaching to my husband yesterday and I think, in a sense, I was outwardly preaching to myself.

Eric worked all weekend on our mortgage application, going through old bills and finances. His stress level was through the roof, understandably so. He came out, sat down in the chair on the porch and looked like he wanted to hurt someone. I asked him what was wrong, and he said "After looking at our bills, we are so in over our heads, it's not even funny. How will we ever get out of this?" He continued on through the day being miserable and stressed out of his mind.

I thought back into all of my reading and felt compelled to talk to him. When we allow things to build up inside and stress us out, it is a form of being prideful. What???? How??? ask? Because, it is taking away from what our main focus SHOULD be. ANYTHING that takes away from our Godly focus is a form of pride. We need to give it ALL to God, no matter how big or small and trust that He will be there for us, through the good, and the bad.

Of course, then you must be careful not to just ask God for help. We have to remember to thank Him regardless of the outcome.

Maybe I pray, asking God to relieve us of the financial issues and help us get this house. Well, a week from now, the bank says "heck no!" and we are left to wonder, why didn't God answer our prayers? Guess what...He knows what is best for us. He DID answer our prayer! Even if we don't get the answer from God that we THINK we would like to have, we need to remember to THANK Him for answering because only He knows what is best for us. We have to trust Him and give Him thanks...

The good news is, Eric eventually got everything accomplished and all of our paperwork is in to try and purchase our new home. He is no longer stressed and we have both given it to God.

Try not to lose focus on God, even when things seem so overwhelming and massive. God will take the boulder off of your shoulder, if you let Him!

The new home we are trying to buy!

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