Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Introducing Another Kid...Bo

Back to my kid intros...

Francis William, aka "Bo", born March 30th, 1998 (14 yrs old in 9 days)

Bo on his way to NJHS Banquet Feb 2012

Bo, Bo, Bo...child number 4

Bo is THE family clown. His personality is amazing. He is the social one of the bunch, always making people laugh with his silliness.

Valentine Cards he made to give out in 4th grade (maybe 5th grade?)

Yet, he is in National Junior Honor Society for his straight A's and good attitude in school. He plays clarinet in the middle school band (he is an 8th grader) and will continue playing in high school next year. He played soccer when he was younger with Ryan and Emmalee, but he never really took it seriously. He did it for the fun of it all.

Bo the goalie

Bo is usually happy-go-lucky, but seriously do NOT make him angry. (he is scary when he's mad) Like all my children, he is sensitive and his feelings do get hurt very easily. He is a good brother, especially to Kevin. Him and Kevin have always had a special bond...Bo has always been understanding of Kevin's feelings and needs. They have a fabulous friendship.

Bo & Kevin at Assateague Island, Summer 2011

Bo has been a great companion and a wonderful son over the years and continues to make me very proud!

Me & Bo at the Haunted House, Wildwood, NJ

Me (pregnant with Elliott) & Bo at soccer
Bo 2011 (7th grade)
Bo Should Have Paid Attention to the Sign

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