Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Craziness

Well, yesterday Emma, Bo, Kevin and I went to the Humane Society to pick up Meredith. We got there and went in to see the older cats and when Kevin knelt down to pet Meredith, here comes this little gray cat. He jumped on Kevin's lap, climbed up to his shoulder, rested his head on him and began to purr. Kevin looked at me and said, "this is our new cat!"...after looking for a while, there was no doubt he had picked US. So, we left Meredith behind and brought home Dusty. His name has been changed to "Pollock, the Warrior Cat" Dad is Polish and said his name had to be Pollock. The kids fought with him for days saying it was a bad name. But, now, it looks like it's stuck. Poor cat! He is a bit nervous, exploring his new surroundings. He has been meowing a lot, but I am thinking he is probably missing his feline companions. He ended up sleeping between Eric and I last night, until Gideon jumped in our bed sometime during the night and scared him off! LOL

Pollock, The Warrior Cat
Today I am re-potting my veggies. I planted seeds in an indoor greenhouse last weekend and in one week, they have outgrown their little habitat. I am going to put them in bigger pots, in case we move, I don't want to have to dig them up from the ground! Here is what they look like in just one week's time...

Veggies...1 week old
So, that's my update. Cleaning, re-potting and posting some more stuff on eBay. The de-clutter process is in full swing! 2 more days until we find out about the new house! Aaaaaak!

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