Friday, March 9, 2012

Introducing My Kids

Since my blog is relatively new, I figured I should introduce my kids.

Today I will start with Ryan, my 15 year old, since tonight is the start of his Soccer Tournament in Ocean City, Maryland.

Born November 15, 1996, Ryan is my shy child. He didn't mumble his first words until he was almost 4, and with his cute stutter, it took him a while to speak properly. From day one, he loved sports! He played T-ball at age 5 and did terrific, but he was bored.

The following year he played soccer and we knew from the first practice that this was his sport! He has played soccer ever since!

Ryan is also an amazing drummer!  He has played in the band since elementary school and now plays in the concert band at his high school.

Drumming at the Talent Show in 6th Grade

He has always been well liked by his peers with his quiet demeanor and dry sense of humor. He is also my extremely sensitive boy. He doesn't show much emotion most days, but when something upsets him, you know it. He reminds me so much of my brother. His favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Flyers, and God knows if they lose, the whole house knows it. He is my caretaker, as well. When Mom isn't right, Ryan jumps in and gets the family moving with cleaning, cooking, etc. He tends to get upset when no one helps me. He is far from mushy, and most definitely going through the "15" stage, but he is a fabulous boy and turning out to be a wonderful young man. He does well in school (he is a freshman this year). He isn't a straight A student by any means, but he works hard and that is all I ask of him. He is also a very loyal person. Deep down he knows who he can trust and who he can't. He really has a good head on his shoulders.

So, tonight, we continue on our is something we have always shared. I have coached him in the past and now watching him play at a much higher level, he makes me so proud. This weekend is the yearly St Patty's Day Tournament in Ocean City and we really look forward to this event. Only bad thing is the first game is at 11:00 pm. (waaaaaaaay past Mom's bed time) :)

First year with Decatur Soccer Club, age 13
Fall Football

Papa & Ryan after a friendly game of football
Ryan being a good brother to youngest brother, Gideon
Will ALWAYS be my baby!

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